For an owner looking to maximise their returns from a property, optimised management – capable of developing the commercial attractiveness of the owner’s assets and securing rental incomes, of providing a quality service in order to ensure tenant satisfaction, and of optimising costs and maintaining the property – is a must.

Maximizing performance


  • Perform routine management tasks and specific services for any type of holding
    - property administration,
    - technical engineering and management,
    - security  management,
  • Management of the building’s operational costs, with the emphasis on optimising costs,
  • Provide upkeep of the shared facilities and equipment and enhance the value of common areas by means of a multi-year investment plan,
  • Control third-party building services (contracted services and one-offs),
  • Ensure service quality and continuity, so that the building offers occupiers a level of service that matches expectations.

Bespoke advice and reporting

CBRE Property Management is one of France's top property managers for third parties, with 4.8 million m² of managed assets in France and 46.8 million in Europe. It combines administrative and financial managerial skills, the technical proficiency of a hands-on operator and the expertise of a consultant in respect of regulations, security and engineering.

With over 140 experienced professionals, structured support teams (building works, HSE, sustainability, procurement, marketing, legal and IT) and clear, well-defined procedures that comply with regulatory obligations, CBRE Property Management offers owners an exceptionally responsive premium service designed to keep buildings operating correctly and a bespoke reporting system.


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