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We provide creative, hands-on hospitality expertise in all major markets, supported by a sophisticated service platform.

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Overview of our activities CBRE Hotels

CBRE Hotels' teams are made up of industry and investment professionals with solid operational and financial knowledge and experience in multiple hotel  management  methods:  full  ownership  of  the  premises  and  the business  under  a  management  contract,  a  managementlease  and  a franchise contract; ownership of the premises through a commercial lease (fixed  rent  or  variable  rent  based  on  revenues)  or  ownership  of  the business alone as a hotel operator
Operating  throughout  France,  Monaco,  Switzerland  and  Belgium,  CBRE Hotels  France's  teams  are  part  of  an  unrivalled  European  and global platform,  made  up  of  150  experts  in  the  sector,  in  40  offices  across  25 countries,  and  active  for  over  20  years.  Throughout  the  world,  CBRE Hotels has built a privileged relationship with all the players and operators in this particular sector.

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