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What real estate in 2030?

Immobilier en 2030- 1856 x 1024

Our 5 unpublished "predictions" for real estate in France.

The revolution in use that is going through the real estate sector allows us to rediscover the central role of the end user. It is from this postulate that CBRE projected itself on the horizon 2030

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Recent Insights

  • The Covid 19 crisis has thrown us face to face with this too distant, if not uncertain, reality that we did not want to see: that of our entry into the Anthropocene, this new era of unprecedented planetary disorder, generated by the destabilizing effects on the ecosystems of human activity.

  • While survey after survey seems to paint a picture of France's big cities that would only dream of living in the countryside, can we consider that the Covid crisis has deeply shaken the urban model?

  • While employees find their way back to the office, the new trio BATO (Back At The Office) which brings together Real Estate Management, HR and DSI must solve an equation with several unknowns to "compose" the workspaces of the past with the aspirations of 'after.

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