Our consultants work with investors to assist them in the "real estate" dimension of infrastructure development. The objective is to generate additional income to support the business plan of the infrastructure activity as a whole.



In the context of the search for yield, real estate investors are diversifying their approaches and are increasingly interested in the infrastructure sector, which by definition is a fungible, transferable asset that meets security requirements thanks to its physical underlying.

Real estate and infrastructure therefore tend to come together, or even converge, in a class of assets called "real asset" or "infra-state": railway stations that become, through passenger traffic, major commercial centers, airports that polarize their territories, sports facilities, ports, heating networks, renewable energy, etc.

Our fields of intervention

Infrastructure Investment Fund

which increasingly take into account the real estate and land dimensions attached to the equipment.

Real Estate Funds

that target new underpinnings responding to sustained social demand, the modes of intervention are multiple: direct investment, PPP, concessionary system or ad hoc vehicle.

We establish ourselves as a partner to our investor clients, to help you define a relevant and sustainable approach to ensure the foundation and development of the equipment.

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