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Occupier Transaction Services

We look beyond the traditional scope of transactions, incorporating insight from experts across our business to ensure maximum value.


Our approach

Our approach is based on a wide range of services and specialized experts in order to offer optimal solutions and quality of intervention.

  1. Transaction Management

    Within the framework of a personalized relationship based on exchange and mutual trust, CBRE consultants work throughout France on all segments and products of commercial real estate: offices, business premises, warehouses, shops.
  2. Business Consulting

    We advise companies in their search for premises. Whether their needs are clearly identified or still to be defined, we accompany users throughout their project, from the first contact, until the implementation of the identified solution. We implement the right real estate strategies for your business, negotiate on your behalf and integrate the group's other businesses into our approach for customized results.
  3. Advice to Owners

    CBRE advises owners on their marketing strategy to best position their properties in their markets. Our sales teams are involved in all segments and products of the commercial real estate market. They rely on the range of services and experts by business line integrated within the group in order to offer tailor-made advice.
  4. Search for a successor, sublease and assignment

    We  support  you  in  your  search for  a  successor  or  sub-tenant  according  to  your needs and market opportunities. For businesses, our teams can advise you on the sale of a business or leasehold rights.
  5. Sale & Leaseback

    We  coordinate  the  sale  of  your  property  and  its  leaseback  to  the  new  owner, offering  you  the  benefits  of  reduced  occupancy  costs,  freed-up  capital  and alternative financing.

  1. A customized team

    A team of transaction professionals tailored to your needs to accompany you in your real estate project.
  2. Global and personalized strategies

    Comprehensive and personalized real estate strategies to achieve your business and financial goals.
  3. Digital tools and data analysis

    Digital tools and data analysis to visualize your portfolio, identify cost reduction levers and anticipate opportunities.
  4. Search and selection of sites

    Detailed analyses to identify the ideal location of your future site and study the talent pools adapted to your activity.

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  5. Workplace strategy

    Strategists to ensure a culturally aligned and productive work experience for your employees.

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  6. Studies & Research

    Research professionals who analyze and communicate data from different markets. Informed and forward-thinking thought leadership.
  7. Investment in innovation

    A $400 million investment in innovation to ensure the continued evolution of research, technology and services.

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