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Site Selection & Location Strategy

Working with you to ensure your locations boost your business strategy.

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We help you make the right decision thanks to a multi-criteria approach: overall cost, employability, centrality, hybridity, CSR, user experience, design, digital, innovation, well-being, transport proximity, etc.).
Our experts provide innovative and tailor-made results: the more the implementation strategy is thought out upstream, the more positive effects it brings.
We help you identify key sites through predictive data analytics to give you a competitive advantage, maximize savings and achieve unparalleled financial performance

Our exclusive digital tools allow our clients to make the right decision in terms of location.


    Measure the impact of your move on the travel time of your employees
  2. SELECT & go

    Visualize 100% of the real estate market offer
  3. FAST

    Simulate in real time the financial impact of a scenario

Hub Analytics

Measure the impact of your move on the travel time of your employees.

Hub Analytics

Key Services

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  • Accompanying measures

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  • Our team helps you determine the most effective supply chain strategy to meet current and future business needs.