European Survey concerning the opinion of companies using offices 2023 edition


For the 2023 edition of the survey concerning the opinion of companies using offices, CBRE has questionned more then 130 professionals pushing the real-estate industry forward throughout Europe.

For this 13th edition we've been wanting to look back on the different real-estate concerns in 2023 within the context of strong inflation of the global cost of real-estate and the mutations of the professional landscape. These challenges have strong repercussions on offices. The new hybrid ways of work have influenced the levels of occupancy of offices, the privileged real-estate strategies but also the choosing where and how to implant your business into an office, the criteria for selecting an office as well as it's conception, layout, and accompaniment of these transformations and changes.

  • What is your work policy concerning a hybrid workflow and what would be the consequences on the occupancy of your offices ?
  • What are your privileged real-estate strategies ?
  • How to conceive a work environment adapted to these new uses to favorises and help productivity, creativity, and engagement florish ?
  • What are the key factor to redefine "worplace strategy" with success ? 

Discover the results of the survey on the opinions of office users in the United States and Asia-Pacific<br>

As part of the 2023 edition of the survey on the opinion of companies using offices, CBRE brought together 207 real estate decision-makers in the United States in order to better understand the evolution of real estate strategies in a context of strong changes in the office market. employment.