Study of the bioclimatic PLU project of Paris

PLU-Etude-HERO avec calque

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In december of 2020, the city of Paris launched it's revision of the local urbanism plan. The PLU (local urbanism plan) which was previously approved in 2006 needed to be refreshed.

After more then 2 years of planning, the project was stopped in Paris's council on June 5th 2023. Before approval (should happen in 2024), it must be transferred to the public associates and then submitted to a public investigation in the months to come.

Furthemore, although it is still in it's planning stage, this PLU gathers a lot of questions. Complex, the PLU is a first-rate document for the real estate actors (constructors, promoters, investors) with impacts in short, medium and long-terms.

The bioclimatic PLU projet has been thought as the vector of an "urban revolution", to help with the social and environmental ambition that Paris has set. The document pays particular attention to the environmental qualities of the projects as well as the housing functional diversity (with an objective to reach a diversity of usage of offices and housing within one building).
  • What are the principal arrangements made by the PLU from a bioclimatic standpoint ? How to understand them ?
  • What are the different servitudes that restrains the development of real estate and offices ? 
  • How can you define and declinate "bioclimatic" ? What are it's implications at the standard level of construction and reconstruction ?
  • How to interact and position yourself in this new environment where the rules are changing ? What are the current rules that apply to the old PLU that will still be active while the new PLU is undergoing definitive approval ?
  • What consequences can the PLU have on the tertiary market's dynamics and on the real estate market ?