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Experience Services (Host)

Improve office experience and increase employee engagement with Host, our hospitality-trained staff and technology solution, already used by many of the world’s largest businesses and landlords.



Host combines our real estate and technology experience to deliver exceptional service to investors and occupiers.

The digital platform and Host applications facilitate direct access for employees and tenants to building services and amenities.

We ensure that employees have an exceptional work environment where they can perform at their best. 


The  tool  provides  a  host  of  services  essential  to  the  workplace experience, including community and culture management, wellness, employee  care,  new  employee  onboarding,  commuting -work  and audiovisual management.

Customer stories

  1. Global Client –Trade Sector

    Mission:  Development  of  a  5 million square metre workspace  for  a  campus  and regional headquarters.
  2. Global Technology Leader

    Mission: Host has developed a new one million square meter “Smart HQ” for a world-class brand, creating a seamless work experience to attract talent and improve operations.
  3. Professional services firm

    Mission: Host worked closely with a leading professional services firm to ensure the safe return of employees to the office across the United States.
  4. National investor client

    Mission: Implementation of virtual and in-person concierge, client experience and community management services to safely engage and welcome tenants.

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