Depending on the needs of a company and its owner, on what is available for sale or lease on the market, it may be in a client's interests to acquire its premises – be they offices or light industrial & logistics. Property is a tangible asset, that may generate latent added value and tax benefits, in addition to an income to the holding company. 

When a company owns premises, their sale when the company leaves them requires specific expertise. The property’s true value in the absence of rental income needs to be assessed, optimisation strategies need to be derived, potential corporate tenants or suitable property developers need to be identified.

CBRE services include:

  • Definition of disposal or acquisition plan
  • Identification of target properties that match the company's stated acquisition requirements
  • Comprehensive analysis of legal, technical, financial and planning documents 
  • If required, technical and environmental due diligence 
  • Price recommendation 
  • Analysis of data room documents and, if necessary, assistance with its creation and with the coordination of lawyers and auditors
  • End-to-end support, right up to final sale contract
  • Should a building under construction be acquired, negotiation with seller to incorporate all or part of the future occupant's stated requirements into construction, followed by monitoring of the off-plan vendor's compliance with their commitments.

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