When a company or its owner wishes to acquire a property, financing may be critical to the success of the operation. Covering mortgages, property financial leasing and other sources of financing, CBRE Debt & Structured Finance offers bespoke advice geared towards the specific challenges and requirements of each company.

Support at every step

Whether or not their financing needs have yet been clearly identified and whatever their industry and real estate type of asset (offices, retail, logistics and light industrial, hotels or healthcare facilities), CBRE advises its client companies throughout the implementation of their financing projects:

  • Recommendation on optimal financing structuring, and identification of potential competitive lenders 
  • Preparation of documentation (detailed memorandum, financial model and analysis) which are required both for lenders' internal processes and for tight schedule management
  • Analysis of letters of intent received, of lenders' strengths & weaknesses, and assistance in the negotiation of terms and conditions
  • Assistance in the negotiation of credit documentation and in the completion of required steps until signing and closing

With an in-depth understanding of lenders and the debt market on the one hand, and of the special features of the property market on the other, CBRE Debt & Structured Finance consultants are in a position to optimise the proposed financial solution on behalf of its client, and to ensure its rapid implementation.

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