Property strategy can provide a real boost to performance and productivity. To promote efficient management of its existing portfolio and new projects, a company's real estate management organisation must be aligned with its ambitions. 

Identifying requirements and offering solutions

Over time, CBRE has developed a matrix for analysing the maturity and level of integration of the corporate real estate function. This makes it possible to evaluate a client's real estate management organisation and, working with the Chief Executive Officer or the Chief Financial Officer, to define its role, objectives and positioning within the overall company organisation. 

After gathering qualitative and quantitative data on the current governance, procedures and tools, CBRE analyses the existing structure and defines new working methods. If necessary, new management tools and models are created to assist decision-making in property management.
The roll-out plan for the new structure integrates a risk mitigation plan and a change management plan. 

Collaborating to create a structure fit for purpose

To advise its clients on the best real estate organisation to meet their objectives, sector and corporate culture, CBRE consultants can draw on deep, wide-ranging experience of a large number of businesses and their expectations and structures, together with an understanding of the full spectrum of property services. This is how CBRE delivers advantage to its clients.

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