Real estate is an essential production tool for any company, and must always align with its operational requirements. When an asset is vacant (e.g. industrial brownfield), too small, too big or no longer suited to operations – or represents an opportunity thanks to changing market conditions – the owner must consider its value and potential for redevelopment. The idea is both to generate revenue, and to avoid recurring costs (e.g. taxes, security or risk of illegal occupancy.)

CBRE advises property-owning companies to derive the most value from their assets:

-   Feasibility studies that allow clients to select the best option

  • Drafting and analysing (re)development or conversion scenarios that identify the products that offer the best potential returns (e.g. offices, retail, residential, hotels or logistics facilities) while remaining firmly within the framework of the applicable economic, technical, architectural, legal and planning opportunities and constraints
  • Financial modelling and valuation
  • Analysis of the risks associated with each scenario and risk mitigation plans, including through coordination with local authorities to validate the scenario and its schedule 

-   Assistance with disposals:

  • Optimised structuring: property developer sale, investor sale, corporate sale, etc.
  • Drafting of real estate development contracts (property developer-owner)
  • Drawing up of disposal specifications

CBRE combines multi-disciplinary teams with a thorough knowledge of the stakeholders (investors, property developers, corporate end users, local authorities) and local real estate markets for assets of all kinds. This is a real advantage for corporate owners to receive the best possible price for their asset within the optimum time frame. 

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