Employees are becoming increasingly attentive to the quality of their work environment, with the result that the services provided in a building are now major selling points for an employer. Of these, catering frequently tops the list of employee expectations.

CBRE Property Management supports companies in the management of catering and other service facilities (fitness, wellness, concierge service, executive dining room, business centre, etc.) by supplying the technical, legal and administrative expertise required to keep these facilities attractive and to manage contracts with service operators in compliance with applicable regulations. In particular, CBRE:

  • Advises clients on the structure of the specific management vehicle required for these facilities and its compliance with regulations
  • Assists with the tender process for service operators
  • Ensures the various stakeholders are in compliance with their tax, social security and environmental obligations
  • Prepares the statutory operating documents and administrative forms for the management vehicle or checks their compliance with regulations
  • Manages the specific purpose vehicle, guaranteeing a high-quality service and budget control (OPEX and CAPEX)

Tried and tested expertise and communication

Working in a unique regulatory environment requiring the utmost rigour, the CBRE Property Management teams bring together the administrative and financial expertise of a specialist administrator, the technical expertise of an experienced manager of service operators and the engineering expertise of a consultant skilled in developing such facilities. With proven management, reporting and communication tools, CBRE Property Management offers bespoke solutions to make sure that the workforce has a positive perception of the services and of the site itself.

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