As real estate operations are becoming increasingly complex (structuring, specialisation, regulations), an investment return depends on every step of the process : sale, operations and first and foremost acquisition – going all the way back to the definition of the investment strategy.

For some asset classes, such as retail real estate, hotels and serviced residences, the operating performance in the market environment is also a key parameter in value creation.

Relying on in-depth analysis of opportunities in the property market, in the equity and debt markets, CBRE advises investors on options for strategic positioning: 

  • asset types,
  • geography, types of sites
  • asset sizes and formats
  • investment volumes,
  • vehicle strategy (return-risk ratio, lever effect and core, value-added or opportunistic investment).


Strategies for maximizing the value of their portfolios. CBRE asset management consulting results in investment and management plans, potentially implemented by property management.

With financial, property and retail expertise and an in-depth understanding of the European players and markets, CBRE advises property investors on equity and debt through every stage of the real estate investment cycle (structuring of investment funds, structuring of the acquisition vehicle, optimisation of current investments, value optimisation, structuring of the disposal).


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