Prior to any property management decision, a market analysis is carried out from a variety of angles focusing on the issues and priorities of CBRE's clients and partners. The Studies and Research department produces over 150 documents a year. It provides ongoing, quarterly and half-yearly market analyses, and can also produce made-to-measure studies. 

Clients of CBRE Studies and Research put these tools to a number of uses:

  • To assess the market potential of a site or asset for the development or acquisition of a project, and to identify the initial elements of the financial framework (rents, rates)
  • To produce analytics for an area and/or its depth, and its current and future value to the real estate markets
  • To set up customised, regularly updated property data dashboards, designed to monitor the market context for property portfolios with a particular emphasis on ensuring reliable, consistent data across different regions and products (both nationally and internationally)
  • To produce regularly updated and costed econometric market projections

CBRE meets these challenges by rolling out bespoke structured services for each product type and region while drawing on property-related and economic databases compiled over 40-plus years

CBRE Retail also offers assessments and prospective analyses focussed on the retailing side of real estate assets, which is crucial to the profitability of investments and sustained performance.

  • Retail activity: performance, market potential, competition, etc.
  • Functionality of the site: commercial factors, operational aspects, technical installations, etc.
  • Financial performance: rental yield, costs

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