The value of property or real estate can be optimised through as-is disposal, disposal with a transformation project to maximize usage and value, or restructuring to achieve higher returns.

An obsolete commercial property, characterised by high vacancy, may require restructuring. This may involve a change in usage, an extension or, on the contrary, a decrease in floor area to achieve diversification at the site.
CBRE advises owners to derive the most value from their assets:
Feasibility studies 
  • Analysis of constraints and opportunities
    - Local environment: location, urban projects, accessibility, marketability
    - Regulatory: urban planning and retail zoning, etc.
    - Technical and architectural: capacity, structures
    - Economic: real estate market, potential revenue (rents, disposal prices), expenses (operating costs and taxes, eviction compensation, building works)
  • Project assortment: floor areas, activities, phasing
  • Optimisation scenarios
  • Analysis of scenarios based on the value generated and implementation conditions (change in local urban planning, amount of investment, timing)

Relations with public and private stakeholders

  • Integration into an urban or a development project
  • Consultation on planning and architectural design
  • Negotiation of specific developments or land swaps 
  • Negotiation with tenants and/or future users
Assistance with preparing disposals:
  • Optimised structuring: property developer sale, investor sale, corporate sale etc.
  • Drafting of real estate development contracts (developer-owner)
  • Drawing up of disposal specifications
An integrated multi-disciplinary team with thorough knowledge of local stakeholders and markets.
CBRE combines multi-disciplinary teams with a thorough knowledge of the stakeholders (investors, property developers, corporate end users, local authorities) and local real estate markets for assets of all kinds (offices, residential, hotel, retail, logistics, serviced residences, healthcare, etc.). This is a real advantage for investors to boost their property value.

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