Rigorous accounting and financial management are vital for any owner aiming to create long-term value. From property management accounts to property-owning company accounts, whatever the standard applied (French GAAP, IFRS, US GAAP) and whatever the software used (Altaix, YARDI, Exact, HFM, MRI, Quadratus), CPAS delivers a full, tailored financial service to owners, including:

  • Property management reports 
    Cash management
    Accrual/deferral of operating costs
    Budget control
  • General accounts
    French GAAP reports
    IFRS reports
    Intercompany flow control
    Tax returns (VAT, Income tax, local taxes,...) 
  • Legal assistance
    Monitoring of loans and covenants
    Liaising with the auditors
    Bank reconciliation
    Balance sheet equity control
    Bad debt management
    Group reports
With the acknowledged experience of 22 specialist corporate property accountants, plus a chartered accountant as its director, CPAS has been providing a high-quality service to clients for the past 11 years. Thanks to its partner network in 16 European countries, it is able to offer support in any situation.