On a regional, neighbourhood or site scale, retail areas are a sign of quality of life and attractiveness.

Like living organisms, they depend on complex and often fragile ecosystems whose health is, in part, in the hands of local authorities.


CBRE Retail provides local authorities and public development agencies with all the expertise needed to analyse the challenges of local retail and to build their strategies.

CBRE Retail consultants are especially attentive to operational aspects. They know how to assess projects in fine detail, anticipate the functioning of sites in the operating phase and transform strategies into costed and phased action plans.


Through Convergences, CBRE Retail enjoys a strong positioning among public stakeholders. Its experience covers most of the retail issues faced by local authorities and their public development agencies.

Urban areas

  • Dynamic study of the retail landscape, prospective studies
  • Retail development strategy
  • Dialogue with stakeholders

Town centres and neighbourhoods

  • Study of market potential
  • Commercial factors assessments
  • Retail revitalisation and restructuring strategy
  • Selection of targeted retailers

Urban projects

  • Programming  of retail, service, cultural and recreational activities
  • Layout and spatial prescriptions, phasing
  • Evaluation of income from land development rights
  • Competitive tendering among operators/investors specializing in retail real estate

Urban redevelopment

  • Site audits, feasibility studies
  • Restructuring/conversion scenarios
  • Project set-up (consulting)

Public policy tools

  • Planning documents (zoning, master plan, etc.)
  • Land and real estate acquisition strategies
  • Creation of a public real estate company (consulting)
  • Town-centre management