The construction industry is a significant contributor to greenhouse gases. As the world's leading real estate consultant, CBRE is in a position to influence the way buildings are built, renovated, managed, occupied and sold. The Group's environmental approach is guided by its CSR policy, and is applied to its own operations and incorporated into all its advice and services.

Environmental approach

Since 2007, CBRE has provided regular updates on its environmental policy and progress in this area in its annual report. Each year, CBRE supports and contributes to the United Nations Global Compact.

In 2010, CBRE became the first company in the industry to become carbon neutral in its operations. The Group measures and reports its carbon footprint via the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

In October 2015, CBRE rolled out the "eco-friendly office" programme in the EMEA region to promote good practice on sites it occupies. This evaluation system is based on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and provides a clearly defined framework for the company's ongoing commitment to improving the performance of its various sites. Measures already adopted include choosing offices with environmental certification, using green cleaning products as well as equipment and materials with a low environmental impact, introducing company mobility plans and more.

CBRE also offers staff training programmes in sustainability. Every year, CBRE employees take part in over 600 hours of courses relating to sustainable real estate, including a full 200 hours conducted by in-house experts and covering topics such as market trends, green leases, heating regulations, certifications and labels, etc. 

Green Week is a whole week dedicated to sustainability, and giving CBRE employees an opportunity to compare notes and air their views on the Group's role as the leader of a sustainable real estate industry. Photos of recent events.

The Group also uses its environmental approach to support clients as they adopt current best practices in their real estate projects.


CBRE - a committed player

CBRE’s commitment is demonstrated in its participation in several round tables and working groups dedicated to changing the property market. A few memorable highlights from France:

  • In 2011, the government commissioned CBRE to organise a huge consultation exercise involving over 200 representatives from the professional real estate associations, the object being to draft a framework of 32 recommendations for the planned decree on upgrading the energy performance of commercial property throughout the country,
  • In 2014, CBRE signed the "Energy Efficiency Charter for Commercial Buildings",
  • In 2015, CBRE sponsored the second CUBE2020 competition,

CBRE also helps raise awareness of these environmental issues amongst other players in the market, by publishing articles and studies in its blogs and on social media and by distributing a quarterly survey to its clients.