At CBRE, human beings are the top concern. The company prides itself on offering employees good working conditions and encouraging their career development. 

HSEQ Policies

To minimise risks to the health and safety of all its stakeholders, CBRE promotes its HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality) Policy on a daily basis, together with all the associated good practices. HSEQ objectives and targets are reviewed regularly.

In France, on sites where CBRE is the main contractor, the Group is supported by an outside partner responsible for conducting regular audits of its HSEQ practices.

CBRE's Health & Safety management system for the EMEA region is based on the OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment) standard, and as such meets all the regulatory obligations in every EMEA country in which the company is present.


CBRE cultivates its in-house talent pool by investing massively in employee training. Relative to the overall payroll, CBRE’s training spend is over 3%.  

CBRE works to develop the potential of every employee, providing over 11,000 training hours annually – an average of 14 hours per employee. 

Staff are also required to complete new e-learning modules every year.


CBRE is a pioneer in the field of wellness in relation to real estate. In 2013, the Los Angeles office became the first project to earn a  WELL® certification. To promote this, CBRE announced a strategic alliance with the DELOS practice in 2016. Locations including Toronto, Madrid, Barcelona and Vancouver will soon be following in LA’s footsteps. 

Rolling out this certification in CBRE's workplaces with the help of its staff has given the company a better understanding of the qualitative concept of wellness as it relates to property management. This has allowed the Group to create an operational approach that it is now in a position to offer to clients for their own real estate projects.

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In France, CBRE is a founder member of the "Entreprise et convivialité" (“Business and Conviviality”) association, and actively supports the values of this initiative. 

In the Ile-de-France and the surrounding region, all employees are invited to social events, which are held regularly to mark special occasions, e.g. Shrove Tuesday, World Music Day or summer festival, etc.

To make everyday life easier for its employees, CBRE has introduced a company concierge service, and is also offering free relaxation therapy courses.